Injuries & Motivation

As I write this it’s 12 weeks till the marathon. To those of you that know running, you’ll know I should be already into my training program. As of last Friday (17th Jan) I hadn’t ran for quite some time.  I should have had all the motivation I need (look here for a wee reminder why), but as anyone who’s not been to the gym for months knows, making that first visit again is always the hardest.

Since I ran my previous marathon, I have had reconstructive knee surgery (I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament playing football in 2011) and the knee has been flaring up recently so my physio said to take it easy. Then there was the small matter of my broken wrist (again playing 5-a-side football!) which I did just before Christmas, and is still in plaster.

Hopefully this is my last pre-race injury

Hopefully this is my last pre-race injury

At the start of the previous week, on Monday 13th Jan I sent out my first email to friends, family, colleagues etc telling them of my marathon attempt and how I need to reach £2,500 to guarantee my charity place. The pledges began almost immediately, but (excuse the pun here) “it’s a marathon not a sprint” so I fully expected to creep slowly towards my target over the next 3 months. By Thursday I’d already raised £836 which I was delighted with. Then on Friday, Ann-Marie sent out the email to her work colleagues, and posted on Facebook and it went crazy! By Saturday morning I had passed the £2k mark. It was pretty amazing. More than that actually, it was inspiring.

Saturday morning, I was up at 8am and out for my first training run. Sunday morning I did the same, even stayed off the beers at a 30th birthday party the previous night to make sure I’d be up early again. To anyone reading this that contributed on that 1st week, a MASSIVE thanks once again. As I sat at work, watching the donation emails fly in, I couldn’t wait to get out and start running again, so it was more than just money that folk were giving.

As I write this, my total stands at £2,700 exactly. Incredible! Already £200 over my target with 83 days left of fundraising before the race. I get my plaster off tomorrow hopefully, so the turnaround since 10 days ago is amazing. To say I’m feeling positive is an understatement even tho so far I’ve only ran a couple of small runs.

Anyway, enough for now. I’ll try keep my updates a bit snappier but since I had a few days worth of news I’ve babbled on a bit more than usual here.



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