Our Survey Says…

Yesterday was big. Up at the crack of dawn to get an MRI scan on my right knee. I had reconstructive surgery on it 3 years ago, but just recently I’ve had some niggling pains & real stiffness in it, post exercise, so it was time to get it checked out. Results will take about a week.

After the scan, it was home, changed and out for a 10 mile run. Twice as far as I’ve been so far in this training effort. Ideally I wouldn’t jump up in mileage so quick but I’m behind so I’m being a bit naughty and trying to push myself to catch up.

Thankfully the rain stayed off, and it was a nice bright wintery morning. Ideal conditions. I won’t lie, I took some extended breathers when stopped at pedestrian crossings, but bottom line is I ran 10.9 miles ( the 0.9 due to a wrong turn on my route) So I’m delighted today.

And that’s the main reason for today’s blog entry.

It’s been over a week of running so far, and the physical results are pleasing (finishing nearly 11 miles today was tough but not torture by any means)

How about the mental side?

I spoke about The Voice in my last post, but this time I’m thinking of general mental state.

If Family Fortunes ever asked the question “What is Graeme’s default mental outlook?” Then I reckon “Glass half Empty” would not only be a top answer, but would come with a bonus prize cruise for two in the Caribbean. Or some garden furniture.
The very fact I think this would be top answer highlights the point itself.

So even without the shit I’ve had to deal with in the past year or two, I’m never gonna be Johnny Optimistic, but I have my moments.


Before today’s 10 mile run, I noticed that my trainers have a distinctive yellow/green heel which also happens to be the most common colour of fluoxetine tablets, an anti-depressant remedy. This is purely coincidental by the way, I didn’t go asking for the new ‘Nike Air Prozac’ at the store, but it made me smile as it seems appropriate.


Other than the conventional medicines, those trainers are my main tool in lifting myself again a bit closer to the glass half full state of mind and as I stretched out my knackered legs after yesterday’s run, I looked back down at that green & yellow heel and thought, “this might just work”.



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