Glasgow (s)miles Better?

Friday  7th Feb

So the end of my first ‘real’ week of running.  39.7 miles done in total, and the legs weren’t feeling too bad. Its definitely tougher than my previous training, which I expected as all of my runs so far have been solo. Being out on the run solo doesn’t bother me, but it’s the motivation to get out that is harder. It’s easier for The Voice to persuade you to have an extra lie in, when you don’t have someone waiting on you turning up.

One thing that seems small, but I think it helps a lot, when you’re out on the road yourself is acknowledgement from others. A “hello/morning”, a nod or even a smile always gives me  the tiniest of boosts when I pass a fellow runner. Last Sunday when I was out round Chislehurst in SE London, 7 of 10 runners I passed gave some kind of acknowledgement. This was a marked improvement from when I used to run in the centre of London. Londoner’s impersonal natures mean a lot of them continue their Tube behaviour and just stare straight ahead, avoiding all eye contact. When I used to run during the weekends spent in Glasgow, it wouldn’t even be runners that would talk to me. Old men out walking dogs would even manage a “good morning” as I passed them!

The reason I mention this today is I’m in Glasgow this week, and for the following fortnight too, while I try and sort out some family issues. (There’s enough there to keep me “therapy” running for years unfortunately!) Of the three runs so far in Glasgow this week, I’ve seen a distinct lack of nods & smiles. Admittedly for the most part I’ve been running in torrential rain and crazy wind so it’s hard to keep your eyes open and smile, but it’s still no excuse. What’s happened to you Glasgow? your motto used to be Glasgow’s miles better but you’re becoming a bit grumpy these days. sort it out.

Sunday 9th Feb

Longest run yet yesterday, 12.7 miles. I had measured out a 12.5 mile route, but I had to detour in Govan thanks to a police cordon so it added a wee bit on. Just one of the pitfalls of planning a route through certain areas of Glasgow I’m afraid!

I had to stop for a 20 second walking break 3 times, which I’m not happy about at all. I did however get 5 smiles/nods from the 7 runners I passed so that’s a bit better.

Today is gonna be a core session at the gym, and maybe a small treadmill run. I was soaked yesterday and the nipples are a bit tender (wet top/jacket chafes a lot more than a dry one). So I’m giving them a break.

Weigh In

Before I started my training I was 12st 4 lbs. Which isn’t exactly Augustus Gloop, but as of this morning, I was 11st 12lbs, So I’m getting closer to my old racing weight!



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