Blue is the colour

That was a negative and right now I need two positives. You know, one to cancel out the negative and another one just so I can have a positive.

Alan Partridge said those words, but right now I couldn’t have put it better myself. After 5 days of rest and no running, missing out on an 18 mile training milestone, today was the comeback.
Actually lets back up a little. On Tuesday I had the most painful physio session I’ve ever endured, and that includes all of the ones I had after my ACL snapped in 2011. My physio was ‘massaging’ my left leg, focusing on my ITB injury and it was horrendous. I tend to think my pain threshold is not bad, but this was seriously unpleasant.
No pain, no gain though, so I gritted my teeth as I figured it’s what was needed to help me run again.
Wednesday, and I was back in to see the physio, this time for him to make me look like a proper athlete with some fancy blue tape on my leg:

what an unsightly vein

what an unsightly vein

The plan, was to get home from work, find somewhere flat to run (not that easy round our way) and run at a fairly slow pace, for no more than 5k (3.125 miles)
I’d need to use the foam roller on my leg first, which involved more pain. If all felt good, then maybe by the weekend I’d be back up to 6.5 mile runs again. Still hopelessly behind my ideal training program but better than nothing.

I wiped the tears from my watch before this photo

I wiped the tears from my watch before this photo

My comeback lasted less than B*Witched‘s.

I hadn’t even broke sweat when I knew that the knee wasn’t going to last 5k.
After 1.18 miles of the slowest running I’ve done in years I had to stop.
When I wrote my last post, I was looking at the positives and thinking that the finish time didn’t matter anymore, that I was just gonna have to struggle through and finish whenever I can.
After tonight, when I hit the stop button on my watch and trudged back home I felt like I had been winded. For the first time I genuinely acknowledged the risk of me not completing my 2nd marathon.

My wife did her bit to keep me thinking positively, as she always does (if I’m glass half full, then she is a full glass, under a running tap, spilling over the edges) but there’s no way I can completely keep the darkness out if I can’t actually get out and do some miles.
If running is my therapy, and my main stress/worry now is that I can’t run. What do I do? it’s a chicken & egg situation.
I even think this post is one of my poorer ones. Arrrgghhhh! I’m drowning in my half empty glass!

Tomorrow I’ll have to email Leighton, my Kiwi physio, and hope that he’s been keeping his Mr Miyagi trick under wraps until he really needed it.

Maybe I’m not as greedy as Alan partridge. Maybe one positive would do me right now. After tonights aborted comeback, I’m open to any suggestions/opinions…



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