Cortisone & the rise of the machines

My last post was a trough, so in keeping with my bipolar tendencies, this post should be a peak. (I’m mildly bipolar I think, which of course by definition means I’m not bipolar at all, but lets not let that get in the way of my intro)

So when I left you last I struggled to get more than a mile into a comeback run and was feeling very pessimistic about things.
The next day I went to see my physio and it was agreed we need specialist help. The A team have been disbanded since that dreadful film, so instead I’m seeing a private consultant who may be giving me a cortisone injection to mask the pain and get me through the next 6 weeks.
I’m a big fan of the Tour De France, and I despise Lance Armstrong, it’s most notorious dope cheat, but I have to admit I didn’t even give it a 2nd thought when my Physio mentioned the Cortisone! I will do anything to get myself in a position to run this marathon. If I have to mainline the stuff through my eyeball, then so be it. (Apparently that’s not recommended, please don’t try it at home)

In the meantime, the only exercise I can actually do that won’t potentially affect my ITB injury, is using the cross trainer.
It’s funny how circumstances change. At the start of my training blog I spoke of how I don’t enjoy treadmills but if someone told me that by this stage of my training, I’d be missing out an 18 mile run, and instead be getting excited about an hour long stint on a Cross Trainer I’d have laughed in their face. Or maybe asked them if they’d been sent from the future. Either way, it’d have been awkward.
But that’s exactly how I felt at the start of this week, and after the first of my 1 hour X-trainer sessions I was elated. It felt great to be knackered again, and immensely satisfying throwing my horribly sweaty running kit into the washing machine that night. I’ve just completed my 3rd daily session in a row and still no pain in the ITB.

So all in all it’s been a better few days since my aborted comeback. I do still have one gripe though. I mentioned before about Treadmills being liars, well Cross Trainers are total f**king bullshitters. All three sessions I’ve had on them, I’ve been doing interval training for an hour and I’ve apparently managed just over 5k each time. I run 5k in 20 min and when I do, I don’t sweat anywhere near the amount I have done in the past 3 days. I’ve got real trust issues with gym equipment now.
Can I really row 1000m in 4 minutes?
Or are the rowing machines also in on this scam?
Will I get home tonight and find Ann-Marie in bed and an exercise bike hiding in the wardrobe?
Maybe this is how the machine uprising begins? John Connor finally gets pissed off after a treadmill adds 3 mins onto his 10k time and before we know it it’s all out war. If your local gym gets a Cyberdyne power plate installed, be very afraid…

Anyway, tomorrow is the 1st appointment with the specialist, let’s hope my next blog post will have more positives in it than a Lance Armstrong drug test.



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