Hashtags & Montage

So here we are, a week from the marathon and what is commonly known as the “taper’ to be fair, 2-3 weeks before the marathon is usually a taper. Its when you have put in the big mileage, and your body/legs have done the hard part of the training so you gradually reduce the amount of miles you run each week, giving your legs some recovery before the big event.
With my injury troubles, I’ve not had the luxury of this longer taper, and only yesterday I ran my longest run since the ITB friction appeared, 12.5 miles.
Despite being happy with this final ‘challenging’ run, I still felt that I had run out of time with some training still required, so I took a leaf out of Hollywood’s book and got myself involved in a montage…

OK, so now the training is complete, thoughts turn to the preparations…
You should prepare things properly, and you’ll find lots of advice about how you shouldn’t have any surprises on marathon day. So for example the top & shorts you wear, you should have run long distance in them before. Likewise trainers but I tend to get a bit OCD about these things so I’ll have to wear socks that have been worn before. Just in case blisters or chafing that you haven’t experienced before are caused. I won’t even use a new different tub of vaseline, on the day. That’s not strange is it? surely everyone has their own ‘lucky lube’? Just me? oh….
My breakfast was the exact same as it will be next week, including the double dose of painkillers & anti-inflammatory medicine.
In fact, the only thing I didn’t test out was my celebration drink but then I have years of experience of Espresso Martini’s so I think I know how my body will react to that.

So what else is required? Well my support team has been chosen:

  • The wife (& her mum, visiting from Scotland)
  • Chris McEwan (& his mum, visiting from Scotland – I’m a big draw for Scottish housewives.)
  • Stu & Kirsty Hirst
  • John Parker & Felicity Paynter
  • Wai Kay Chan & Harriet Sanderson
  • Lisa Greenhalgh & Piero Rodrigues
  • Marcella Taylor
  • Steph Barron
  • Neassa Daly
  • Bruce Williams & Aby Wojcik
  • Ian, Louise & Leo Stewart (No relation)
  • Tom, Heidi & William Hughes

Again, my need to have everything planned out ended with me trying to work out roughly which mile I can expect to see each person. Given the crowds on marathon day in London it’s quite tricky to spot folk, so Harriet came up with the idea of balloons for the official Run4Dexter support team, which I think is ideal.
If any of you readers are in London, or even watching it on TV then if you see one of the following balloons, you know there’s one of my crew around

Official Support marker

Official Support marker

Also, in another move that likely to get most of my mates going on about my generally negative views on social media (see previous post Blog, Status, Avoid?) I’ve started using a hashtag whenever I mention my marathon attempt/blog/fundraising on twitter.


So I’m hoping if anyone wants to support me, but can’t be in London on the 13th then you can post a wee message on twitter and use that hashtag.

Finally, Aberdeen FC are playing in the Scottish Cup semi-final on Sunday, whilst I’ll be out hopefully not limping around London. I’ve already briefed my support team that if they know the score when they see me, they need to let me know. Whether they use a F1 style pit board contraption, or just scream it at me doesn’t matter, I’m hoping that hearing “Pawlett’s made it 3 nil” as I run out of steam at the 20 mile mark will give me a even bigger boost than my carb gels, and carry me home to the Pall Mall!

I could be mistaken, but that last sentence above might actually be what you would call a ‘glass half full’ viewpoint. Imagine that…



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