Oui? or Non?

So, as promised, a wee quick blog post to follow on from the last one.

It turns out that unlike Mark Cavendish, Peter Sagan, Richie Porte and a fair few other legends of cycling, I will be riding the route of Stage 18 of the 2017 Tour De France.

My MRI confirmed what the original X-Ray said, that there was no fracture in my wrist. Just a whole lot of bruised bone and some inflammation of tendons/ligament and other stuff I’m not sure how to explain!

Even better was the news that I don’t even need a cortisone injection, just some heavy duty Anti-inflammatories and possibly a special wrist brace. The way I see it, the event is gonna be painful with or without the wrist injury, so it hopefully won’t make much of a difference.

So, there’s a lot to look forward to. A 9 hour drive from London to the South of France with my ideal woman, followed by a 178k ride up some mountains with approx 4,800m of vertical ascent.

Can’t wait!


P.S. There still time left to sponsor me!!

EDIT: after posting this, there was another crash in the TdF. One rider, Dario Cataldo had to abandon the race after breaking, yep, his scaphoid!

His team mate, Jakob Fusglang also fractured his scaphoid, and the radius at his elbow (I’ve broken radius before too, it f**king hurts) but he is planning on continuing the tour, possibly because he’s 5th overall at the moment. So proof there that the scaphoid isn’t to be messed with, unless you’re hard as nails and within touching distance of the podium. Neither of which apply to me!

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